Master slave critical conduction mode power converter

Convertisseur de puissance principale-secondaire en mode de conduction critique


Multiple power sources (314 and 354 of figure 3) for supplying power to a load. A triggering system to automatically and substantially cancel a ripple component of the input current drawn by the system. A master power source (314) and a slave power source (354) supply power to the load, ne triggering system results in the two power sources having switching aequencies that are substantially equal and switching cycles that are substantially 180* out of phase. Further, the method and the device contemplate the use of a local oscillator in the triggering system to ensure that the slave power source is triggered to the on position at a point in the switching cycle of the minster power source that is approximately 180- out of phase with a leading edge of the master switching drive siral. The system and method are advantageously used to provide a power factor correction aont-end for a switch-mode power supply. Power supplies with a diverse array of relationships between power supplied and switching gequency can be used.




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