Method and group for the lpg feeding of an internal combustion engine

Methode et groupe applicables a l'alimentation en gpl d'un moteur a combustion interne


A simplified method and group is provided for feeding LPG to an internal combustion engine that allows the engine to work with maximum performance in any working condition. The method includes sending through injectors a variable flow rate of LPG in gaseous state towards the engine and to determine in a plurality of moments of engine work respective temperatures of the LPG to determine, for at least some of the LPG temperatures, a matching optimal maximum pressure value of the LPG so that the LPG stays in gaseous stage, and to regulate the effective LPG pressure entering the fuel injectors in such a way that the effective LPG pressure is substantially the same as the optimal maximum pressure, wherein the optimal maximum pressure of LPG is determined by a limit curve of the LPG pressure that separates an area of gas in gaseous phase from an area of gas in liquid phase.




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