Radio frequency identification device with visual indicator

Peripherique d'identification de frequence radio avec indicateur visuel


An RFID device (10) includes a chip (12), an antenna (14) operatively coupled to the chip, and a visual indicator (18) operatively coupled to the chip. The visual indicator provides a visual indication of an operative state of the device. The visual indication may be human readable and/or machine readable, and may provide visual indication that is dependent on a change in an operative state of the device. The operative state that triggers the visual indication may include a state in which the chip has temporarily or permanently been rendered inoperative or disabled, that is, in which the chip no longer responds to, or otherwise interacts with, ordinary incoming RF signals such as from a device reader. The visual indicator may be included in a display (16) that functions by any of a variety of mechanisms, such as by use of electrochromic materials, thermochromic materials, liquid crystals, or chemically-reactive materials.




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