Appareil de communication de bloc de donnees dans une logique de communication a modulation multi-porteuse et procede associe

Apparatus, and associated method, for communicating a data block in a multi carrier modulation communication scheme


Apparatus, and an associated method, for sending a data block in an OFDM, or other MCM, communication system with reduced PAPR is provided. The data block is combined with a random scrambling sequence. An IDFT operation is performed upon the combined sequence, and its PAPR, peak-to-average power ratio, is calculated. The PAPR is compared against a threshold. If the PAPR is smaller than a threshold, the transformed, combination sequence is transmitted. Otherwise, a different scrambling sequence, if available, is used to form a new combination sequence, and the process iterates until either a PAPR smaller than the threshold is obtained, or a pre-defined maximum number of iterations is reached. If the maximum number of iterations is reached and no combination sequence is created that leads to an acceptable PAPR, then the transformed, combination sequence that exhibits the smallest PAPR level is selected for transmission.




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