Modular objective assembly

Ensemble objectif modulaire


A modular laser objective for use with a microscope is provided. A mounting modular body per-mits the modular objective to be releasably mounted to the turret of a microscope. The objective has an optical axis that permits an image beam to be emitted through the ob-jective toward the eyepiece of a microscope. The modular body supports a mirror positioned at an angle to the opti-cal axis of the objective. A modular laser assembly is mounted on the modular body on a first side of the mirror for directing a laser beam toward the mirror so that the en-ergy is reflected off the mirror and through the objective in a direction that is substantially aligned with the optical axis of the objective. A modular indicator assembly is re-ceived in the modular body and includes a source of light positioned with the light incident on the other side of the mirror to reflect a beam of light in a direction opposite to the direction of the laser beam to provide an optical repre-sentation at the eyepiece of a microscope or on a camera of the position on the target of the laser beam being emit-ted by the objective.




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