Systeme d'orientation d'eolienne et methode de commande connexe

Wind turbine yaw system and method of controlling the same


A wind turbine yaw system with a yaw gear (11), at least two pinion gears (13), at least two drive units (23), where each drive unit (23) is associated to one of the pinion gears (13) for driving the respective pinion gear (13)i, is provided. The yaw system comprises a control system with a controller (25) for generating for each drive unit (23) a drive unit control signal for controlling the respective drive unit (23) according to a drive unit reference signal comprising at least one desired operational parameter value for the respective drive unit (23) so as to realise the at least one desired operational parameter value in the respective drive unit (23). The control system comprises at least one feedback loop for each drive unit (23) feeding at least one drive unit feedback signal comprising at least the actual value of one operational parameter of the respective drive unit (23) back to the controller (25). Furthermore, the controller (25) is adapted to generate the drive unit control signals based on the reference signal and the feedback signals.




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