Differentiel a blocage a commande electronique presentant un faisceau de cables de commande logique

Electronically controlled locking differential having logic-control wire harness


An electronically controlled locking differential (10) includes an electromagnetic coil (50) and a wire harness adapted to logically control operation of the differential and having a circuit (56). The circuit has a latching switch (62) that is electrically connected to a first source of power and adapted to provide latching power of the differential. A double-pole, double-throw control relay (72) is electrically connected to the latching switch (62) and includes a first switch (74), a second switch (76), and a coil (78). The second switch (76) is adapted to "jump" the latching switch (62). The circuit is disabled when power to the harness is turned off and in "standby" mode when power to the harness is turned on. Upon the latching switch (62) being activated, current flows from a starting point of the circuit through the circuit to activate the relay (72), the first switch (74) closes to energize the differential, the second switch (76) closes such that the current "jumps" the latching switch (62), and the differential is actuated.




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