Chaussure permeable a la vapeur

Vapor-permeable shoe


Vapor-permeable shoe comprising an upper assembly (11) that wraps around the foot insertion region (A) and is associated, in its plantar region, with a sole (12) that has at least one vapor-permeable or perforated portion (13), wherein: - the upper assembly (11) comprises a structural insert (14) that has at least one waterproof portion that is sealed impermeably to the sole (12), covering its vapor-permeable or perforated portion (13), so as to prevent the infiltration of liquid, through it, toward the foot insertion region (A), - the waterproof portion being composed at least partly of a waterproof and vapor-permeable functional element that has a monolithic sheet-like structure made of a polymeric material that is impermeable to water in the liquid state and is permeable to water vapor, at least one functional portion of the functional element having such a thickness as to give it a penetration resistance that is greater than approximately 10 N, assessed according to the method presented in chapter 5.8.2 of the ISO 20344-2004 standard.




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