Plaquette de lecture de mesures a diffusion capacitive

Capacitive spreading readout board


A readout board for use in a micropattern gas detector comprises a plurality of detector pads arranged into a plurality of consecutive layers that are separated by dielectric spacer material. An electron cloud hitting the front side of the readout board will induce a charge on one of the detector pads of the uppermost layer. By capacitive coupling, the signal will propagate downwards through the consecutive layers until it reaches the bottom layer, from which the charges are read out and analyzed. The position of the impact can be determined by comparing the charges that have spread to neighboring readout pads. Since only the bottommost layer of the readout pads needs to be connected to readout electronics, incident particles can be localized at high precision despite the relatively large size of the readout pads in the bottom layer. The invention is effective both in a gas electron multiplier (GEM) and in a MicroMegas detector.




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