Scheibeneinheit für Fenster an Kraftfahrzeugen und dergleichen


The pane unit (10) is formed by a pane (11) and a frame (12) with a defined frame contour. The frame (12) is formed as a compression moulded unit by a primary contoured part (14) and by a secondary contoured part (15). The primary contoured part (14) comprises three contoured sections (16-18) of which a first contoured section (16) is adjacent to the edge (13) of the pane (12) while the second and third sections (17, 18) each join on to a different side of the first contoured section (16) and are each adjacent to the appropriate surface region of the pane (11) which borders the edge (13) of the pane (11). The primary contoured part (14) is made from a material which cannot be joined to the pane (11) but which is sufficiently rigid to ensure a positively locking fit between frame (12) and pane (11). The secondary contoured part (15) is fitted on a region of the frame profile serving to support the pane unit (10) on a component and made from a material less rigid than that of the primary part (14).




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