Wire electrical discharge machining appts.

Drahtelektroden-Elektroerosionsmaschine und Verfahren


A wire electrical discharge machining appts. (WEDM) comprises a processing liq. supply appts. which supplies the processing liq. between the wire and workpiece; the processing liq. providing a voltage between wire and workpiece to produce discharging power; a work plate to fix the workpiece freely; a control appts. to control the movement of the plate in the X and Y axial directions; a pair of wire guides above and under the workpiece; a control appts. which can control the guides to move in the U or V directions such that the wire has a tilt against the workpiece; a discharging position inspection appts. which can inspect the discharge position according to the current pass through the upper and lower part of wire; a wire tilt checking appts. which can check the tilt angle between the wire and workpiece according to the changing of the discharging position; and a tilt compensation appts. which can compensate the tilt angle between the wire and workpiece found by the tilt checking appts..




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